Banish Under Eye Hollows with Fillers

Banish Under Eye Hollows with Fillers

You may not like the dark circles under your eyes, but what can you do about them?

At Skin Shop MedSpa in Houston, Texas, board-certified anesthesiologist Tiffany Su, MD and our team specialize in nonsurgical procedures to rejuvenate your skin. We offer dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of your under eye hollows quickly and safely.

Causes of under eye shadows

There are many reasons why you might have dark circles under your eyes. For example, if you’re born with less fat in the under-eye area, you can have an indention that’s called a tear trough hollow. 

We all have a natural contour that sits above the rim of bone that goes around your eye. But genetics can cause yours to be deeper than others.

Under eye circles can also appear from:

Though taking care of yourself with proactive steps like wearing sun block, eating a nutritionally balanced diet, and staying hydrated can help maintain the health of your skin, you might need an extra boost to get rid of your dark circles.

Treatment for under eye shadows

At Skin Shop MedSpa, we offer Juvéderm Ultra XC® and Restylane Silk® fillers as excellent options for treating your tear trough hollows. Both fillers use hyaluronic acid in a gel form to add volume to your skin.

The products we use are safe and may include lidocaine to reduce any pain during your procedure. After your procedure, you might have some minor swelling, bruising, and redness, but these side effects are normal and temporary.

What to expect

Several days before your treatment, be sure to avoid drinking alcohol and taking blood thinners like aspirin to help avoid any complications.

Before your procedure, we apply a topical numbing agent to ease any discomfort throughout the process. We first mark the areas to treat. Then we clean your skin thoroughly and begin your treatment.

Dr. Su uses a very small needle to inject the solution beneath the surface of your skin to fill in the hollow areas. She applies your treatment evenly to reduce any type of textural irregularities on the surface. On average, she administers 3-5 injections on each side. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes or less.

After your procedure, Dr. Su gently massages underneath your eyes where the injections were made to smooth out the filler beneath your skin.

For the next 24 hours, avoid intense activity or exercise and simply ice your treated areas. You should notice results immediately after your injections, with complete effects settling in within a week or two.

To book a consultation with Dr. Su and our team at Skin Shop MedSpa, give our friendly office staff a call at 713-701-1717, or book your appointment online today.

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