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Get the Perfect Pucker With a Combination Lip Filler and Permanent Lip Tint Treatment

Get the Perfect Pucker With a Combination Lip Filler and Permanent Lip Tint Treatment

When it comes to looking sexier, flirtier, and even more youthful, lips are where it’s at. And one of the best ways to get a sexy, full pout is by combining two lip treatments that are popular all on their own: lip fillers and permanent lip makeup (better known as “lip blushing”).

In fact, some beauty sources predict lip enhancement using this one-two technique will continue to increase in popularity over the next year or more, thanks in part to its popularity among TikTokers and other social media influencers. 

At Skin Shop medSpa, our team, under the guidance of founder Tiffany Su, MD, uses fillers and permanent makeup to help our patients in Houston, Texas, plump up their lips and simplify their makeup routine, all in one simple treatment session. 

If a smoother, fuller, sexier smile is on your wishlist, here’s how this treatment combination can help.

Dermal fillers for fuller lips

At Skin Shop medSpa, we feature different types of fillers, including options ideal for lip enhancement. Before your filler treatment, you review your goals with us so we can determine how much filler to use and where to inject it to give you the outline, definition, and fullness you’re looking for.

Lip fillers are patented solutions designed to provide immediate fullness without compromising the softness of your kips. Most fillers include hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring acid that helps your lips retain more moisture and maintain their softness and plumpness over time.

In addition to adding fullness, lip fillers can help define an indistinct cupid’s bow or achieve the popular keyhole pout. Plus, fillers can smooth out tiny lines that make your lips look older.

Permanent makeup for that perfect blush

Permanent makeup is kind of like a makeup tattoo for your lips. Just as you can choose the perfect shade of lipstick and lip liner, you can choose from a vast array of permanent makeup shades and shade combinations to get the color and tone you want.

Lip blush treatment is quick and convenient, too, taking just 1-3 hours. Treatments begin with an application of numbing medication to keep you comfortable. 

Once you’ve selected your lip shade, we apply the pigments using a special tattooing needle. Tiny particles of pigments are applied throughout the lip area to create a subtle shading that enhances your lip shape and tone.

Do you love the ombre lip look? We offer ombre lip shading, too, achieving a naturally beautiful result that looks great on its own or with a little shimmery gloss applied right on top.

Get the fuller, sexier lips you want

Lip fillers and permanent makeup can be an ideal combination if you’re looking to enhance your lips while maintaining a natural, sexy result. To learn more about lip enhancement at Skin Shop medSpa, call us at 713-701-1717 or book an appointment online today.

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