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Got a Hangover? Get an IV Therapy and Feel Better Fast

Got a Hangover? Get an IV Therapy and Feel Better Fast

Even if you’re generally someone who takes care of yourself, you’re just one fun night out (or in) from waking up with a headache, nausea, and all of the other unwelcome hallmarks of a hangover. 

To make matters worse, the older you get, the longer it takes to get over the hangover. But if you’ve stumbled across this blog because you’re looking for a fast-acting hangover cure, we have good news.

With intravenous (IV) therapy, board-certified medical director Tiffany Su, MD, and our team at Skin Shop medSpa can help you replenish fluids and nutrients to feel better fast. Plus, we offer IV therapy at our Houston, Texas medspa. 

Your fast-acting hangover cure

To some extent, you probably know what helps a hangover. Plenty of fluids and an anti-inflammatory medication (e.g., ibuprofen) can go a long way here. 

The problem, though, is that those treatments don’t kick in right away. You’ll probably still lose a day to feeling bad as you wait for your body to replenish what it needs. 

IV therapy gives you a different path forward. When you eat and drink things to help, you then have to rely on your digestive system to process those things. That takes time. 

But with IV therapy, we can deliver what your body needs straight into your bloodstream. That means the hydration and nutrients go to work faster, helping you bounce back much more quickly. 

We can tailor your IV therapy to what you specifically feel, too. If your hangover comes with significant fatigue, for example, we can add B vitamins to give you an energy boost.

What to expect with IV therapy

First, we’ll discuss how you’re feeling so we can formulate the best IV solution for you. We can tailor it to address many of the common hangover symptoms, like:

We then ask you to sit in a comfortable, reclined chair and place the needle in your arm. This allows the IV solution to go directly into your bloodstream, helping to replenish fluids and nutrients fast. 

It usually takes 30-60 minutes to complete your treatment. By the time it’s done, you should feel noticeably better. 

You don’t necessarily need to wait until you’re hung over to explore this wellness boost, either. we also offer IV therapy for:

Ultimately, IV therapy can give you a convenient, quick way to get what your body needs. To schedule your appointment, call our office or book online today.

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