How Long do PDO Thread Lifts Last?

If you’re seeking a more vibrant complexion without the hassle or risks of surgery, you may want to consider a PDO thread lift. The procedure uses sutures consisting of polydioxanone (PDO), a safe substance that gradually dissolves and leaves you with subtle and natural-looking results. 

In other words, you won’t appear like you “had work done” after your thread lift. Instead, you may look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep or turned back the clock a few years on your aging skin. But how long do those results last? 

At Skin Shop MedSpa in Houston, Texas, Dr. Tiffany Su and her team are pleased to offer PDO thread lifts to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Here’s a closer look at PDO thread lifts, including how long results from this minimally-invasive treatment last.

How PDO threads work

The PDO threads we use for lift treatments allow skin smoothness, lifting of dropped or wrinkled skin, and stimulating collagen – a natural protein that gives your skin volume and plumpness. 

Before your PDO treatment begins, you receive a local anesthetic to guard against discomfort. You remain awake during the procedure; however, Dr. Su inserts PDO threads into your skin using a blunt-tipped cannula or needle. The motions she uses create a lifting effect straight away.

Then, as your skin heals, it produces additional collagen for more tightness and smoothness. Meanwhile, new blood vessels form for increased nourishment and firmness throughout the treatment area.

How long do PDO lifts last

PDO thread lift results vary, but they tend to be long-lasting. You can expect your results to last for months or years. You may notice the most benefits during the first six months following your treatment.

One study showed that younger patients with a reasonable amount of facial volume had PDO thread lift results lasting 3-4 years. Older people with poor skin elasticity had visible results for 1-2 years. 

Participants in that study considered PDO thread treatment a “temporary facelift,” which could be enhanced with additional threads when sagging re-emerged.

PDO thread lift advantages

While a traditional, surgical facelift brings more dramatic results than a PDO thread lift, this less invasive treatment brings a range of benefits, including:

And because PDO thread lift results are temporary, you won’t have to worry about making a decades-long or permanent decision before seeing them. If you end up preferring to let your skin age as it will, you have that option within a couple of years.

To learn more about PDO thread lifts or get started with your desired treatment, call Skin Shop MedSpa or book an appointment through our website today.

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