Signs You're Low on B-Vitamins (IV therapy)

Signs You're Low on B-Vitamins (IV therapy)

Even if you think you eat a healthy diet and get all the exercise you should, you could still be lacking essential nutrients, including the all-important vitamin B12. Your body uses vitamin B12 to produce red blood cells, repair and renew its DNA, and keep your nerve cells healthy. 

Whether you believe you have enough vitamin B12 in your diet or not, if you’re experiencing troubling symptoms, you could benefit from a booster of this nutrient. That’s why Tiffany Su, MD, offers two forms of direct vitamin B12 supplementation at our Skin Shop medSpa, an aesthetic and wellness spa in Houston, Texas. 

Talk to us about vitamin B12 shots or vitamin B12 infusions if you have any of the following symptoms of low vitamin B12.

You lack energy

Vitamin B12 is well-known for its ability to rapidly infuse your cells with the nutrients they need to perform their functions optimally. Your body uses vitamin B12 to produce energy, so you can feel more like yourself again.

In fact, if you’ve been feeling depressed lately, you might simply lack vitamin B12. About 20% of women and men in the United States and United Kingdom are low on this nutrient, while another 6% are actually deficient. 

You have brain fog

If you’re having trouble concentrating or remembering, your brain cells may not have enough vitamin B12. Some studies have shown that vitamin B12 may slow age-related cognitive decline.

Even vitamin B12 levels that are slightly below normal can affect your memory. Vitamin B12 is so safe that you can take as much as you need to feel better, without worrying about side effects.

Your skin, hair, or nails are weak

Nobody likes to see excess hair in their brush or comb, or battle wrinkles or sagging skin. And if you don’t get enough vitamin B12, your nails might be brittle or weak, too.

Vitamin B12 shots or infusions can help improve the look of your skin, hair, and nails. It may even resolve dermatologic problems such as hyperpigmentation (i.e., age spots) or discolored nails.

You’re anemic

If you don’t get enough B12, you may not make the red blood cells your body needs to thrive. A lack of red blood cells leads to a deficiency in the mineral iron, which results in anemia. When you become anemic, you may notice symptoms such as:

Many of the symptoms associated with B12 deficiency are associated with anemia, too. 

You’re a vegan

The best nutritional sources of vitamin B12 are found in animal products, especially beef liver and egg yolks. If you’re on a vegan diet that precludes all animal products, you’re at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency. Some vegans may choose to use nutritional yeast for their vitamin B12. Even though yeast is a living organism, it doesn’t have a nervous system.

You may not notice signs of vitamin B12 deficiency right away. However, they can sneak up on you and may worsen over time if you don’t supply your cells with this important nutrient. In addition to lack of energy or brain fog, you may be at risk for digestive diseases, including Crohn’s disease and autoimmune diseases, including lupus.

Why B12 shots and IVs are better than pills

Intramuscular shots of vitamin B12 and intravenous (IV) infusions go straight into your bloodstream, where the nutrient is delivered to the cells that need it. In contrast, when you take a supplement pill or capsule, it first travels through your gastrointestinal tract, which must break it down and then send it into circulation.

Some of the vitamins in oral supplements are lost during the digestive process. You may also have an upset stomach if you take large doses of vitamins.

Get the vitamin B12 you need to feel energized, focused, and youthful in one easy step by booking your vitamin B12 shot or vitamin B12 infusion today. Call us, book online, or set up a house call. 

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