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What Conditions Improve with IV Therapy?

What Conditions Improve with IV Therapy?

Most people associate intravenous (IV) fluids with a stay in the hospital, where IVs are routine. More recently, though, IV therapy has become an important part of wellness for many people.

At Skin Shop Medspa, our team of dedicated providers, led by Dr. Tiffany Su, offers IV therapy, and we’ve found that it helps improve numerous conditions. Our patients say the results are surprising and report that the whole experience is pleasant. 

Following are some of the conditions we’ve found IV therapy improves.

1. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

WIth IV therapy, you get nutrients delivered directly to your bloodstream. In contrast, when you take supplements in pill form, they must pass through your digestive system before being absorbed. 

Digestion involves natural substances such as acids and various enzymes that break down and dilute the supplements. If you happen to have a digestive problem that affects absorption, you may only get a fraction of the nutritional benefits you expect from your supplements. 

Getting your nutrients through IV therapy means you bypass the digestive process and therefore get more benefits from the process. Plus, since the nutrients enter your bloodstream, you get those benefits immediately.

2. Dehydration

A great many people are chronically dehydrated, and have no idea that normal body function depends on fluids. You need proper hydration to lubricate your joints, maintain your electrolyte levels, and flush away toxins that can cause illnesses. 

If you consume caffeine or alcohol, you face even more difficulty in staying well hydrated because those substances rob your body of fluids. You likely feel more fatigued, and may even struggle with thinking clearly and concentration. 

IV therapy gives you a hydration boost, and even better, we make sure your formula contains just what you need to feel great. If you're dehydrated due to an intense workout, because you’ve been busy and not consumed enough liquid, or even if you have a hangover, IV therapy can help.

3. A weakened immune system

Have you recently recovered from an illness? Or, perhaps been exposed to other people who are or were recently ill? Your immune system works hard all the time, but some circumstances leave it weaker than desirable. IV therapy can support your immune system with important nutrients. 

Regular IV therapy is one way to make sure you consistently have the antioxidants and nutrients necessary for immune health, so that when you need it, your immune system is ready to respond. For example, during cold and flu season, regular IV therapy can help reduce your risk of getting sick. 

As a bonus, if you have a cold or the flu, IV therapy could help you feel better and recover more quickly. 

4. Your specific wellness problem

When you come to Skin Shop Medspa for IV therapy, our team assesses your particular, individual needs. We then put together a formula to meet those needs. We talk to you about your goals and needs, and create a plan from there. 

When we believe it would be helpful for your overall health and wellness, we advise regular IV therapy. We then make adjustments over time as needed. We provide a relaxing atmosphere, and instead of needing recovery time after your treatment, you’re likely to feel the positive effects immediately. 

If you’d like to learn more about IV therapy and how it could improve your health, schedule an appointment at Skin Shop MedSpa in Houston, Texas, today!

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