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Why Our AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ Microneedling Treatment is Better Than Your Home Microneedling Device

Want smoother, more youthful skin without invasive procedures or harsh chemicals? That’s the beauty of all-natural microneedling. This minimally invasive treatment naturally improves your skin quality and minimizes flaws by stimulating your body's healing response. 

And when it comes to microneedling, there's no better choice than the AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ Microneedling Treatment, administered by Dr. Tiffany Su and her team at Skin Shop medSpa in Houston, Texas.

How microneedling improves skin flaws naturally

Microneedling creates microinjuries on your skin's surface using a device equipped with ultra-fine needles. These microinjuries trigger your body's healing process, prompting the turnover of old cells and the production of collagen and elastin—the proteins responsible for your skin's resilience and smoothness. The result:  A Smoother, radiant complexion that looks and feels more youthful.

Results start to show within a week of treatment and will continue to improve over the next several weeks.

A single treatment can enhance your skin’s appearance. For maximum benefit, Dr. Su recommends a series of 3-6 treatments scheduled about one month apart.

Why we use the AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ system

The AQUAGOLD®  fine touch™ system takes microneedling to a new level. It's a single-use device that creates microchannels in your skin with its tiny needles. What sets it apart is its ability to deliver a customized formula directly to your skin. Your unique formula can include one or more of the following: PRP, vitamins, Botox®, or filler tailored to your needs. The AQUAGOLD® gine touch™ system can correct a wide range of skin concerns. These include:

Microneedling leaves your skin toned and looking younger years.

Why you should leave microneedling to the professionals

Though there are many at-home microneedling devices available, they simply can't compare to the results you'll achieve with a professional treatment at Skin Shop Med Spa. Also, microneedling is a medical treatment that should be performed by trained and experienced professionals like Dr. Su and her team. Unlike at-home devices with shorter and duller needles, our sterile needles penetrate deep enough to trigger the skin's repair mechanisms effectively.  At-home devices may provide temporary brightening effects, but they can't deliver the same long-lasting results as a professional microneedling treatment.

Book an appointment with Skin Shop Med Spa

If you're ready to experience the transformative effects of microneedling for yourself, don't settle for less than the best. Book an appointment at Skin Shop Med Spa; call our office or book your appointment online today to see if fillers could help you.

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